Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Super Mini Guide - Posting

I've learned that some people are having trouble posting. Those from the misty land of Tumblr would also be unfamiliar. The last thing I want is for people to become frustrated with the system and not post because of it. So, let's preempt that.

There are two main ways of posting on blogger.

1) Go here>> - That will take you to Dashboard, the main hub for your profile. If it asks you to log in. Do so.

From here, just click the pretty blue "New Post" button.
2) You can also go straight to the blog and post from there. In the bar at the top of the screen (right side) is a login option. Log in from there, and a new option will replace it that allows for creating new posts.


Once in the post editor, uploading is a fairly simple task.
The landscape in the center inserts images.
The default option allows for uploading straight from your computer. Probably the best way to go.

Wait until the image appears. Only those with blue borders will be inserted.
The order in which the pictures are bordered determines the order they are uploaded on your post. Click the blue "Add Selected" button in the bottom right of the window to finish up.

• Just like email, you can enter text onto your post without clicking any button. Simply click the empty space and start typing.

Editing Posts

• By clicking the pencil icon next to a post you've made, you can go back in and add/change things.

• By clicking on an uploaded image, you bring up an option bar that allows you to change the preview size, alignment, or add/remove a caption.

• By clicking the 'Post Options' tab under 'Labels', a drop down menu with more options is expanded. By selecting "set date and time", you can set when your post pops up on the blog. This allows for both scheduled posting and posting into the past. If you notice a topic that ended months ago, but would really like to draw something for it, this is the way to sneak it in.

Have a question about how to do something? Throw a comment down!

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