Monday, February 20, 2012

Breeze of Change

Steve has recently put up a strong argument against moving late entries to their proper week - citing among other things, that nobody will ever scroll down to check, and as such nobody will ever see their post. (neverminding pointing out how strange it is for me of all people to be enforcing organization and structure...)

So things will change. The original idea was for people to illustrate for the current topic only. This is no longer the case. A new topic will still be introduced every monday. However, you can now draw for whatever other week you want as well, and not worry about it being moved around. They will remain at the top. This means you can never really "miss" a week, as you can still draw for an old topic months down the line.

All I ask is that you properly label your posts, with both the week you are drawing for AND with your name.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the change, as well as any other suggestions for improvement.

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