Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Cold Shower


  1. DAVE! I like the different color choices here. I also like that you went out of the box with a gif. Nice expression as well.

    Only negative, It seems a little hard to read what is happening. I also don't get why you decided to draw bond.... showering, but hey! nice muscle study!

    1. You're right! Too few frames and the timing is really bad. Too slow at colouring right now to have more frames, so I went with the bare min. Photoshop doesn't do timing in frames either, so I had trouble (I have no idea how long a second lasts, let alone 0.2 of one - I think in frames now dammit!). Photoshop gifs also have different timing depending on the browser.... I'll see if I can't find a workaround to my liking.

      Thanks for the colour comment btw! I think I've gotten a bit better.

      Oh yeah, cold shower is apparently something you do after something bad happens, like "cooling off". I dunno, it's beyond my experience. Guess it didn't read afterall :<