Monday, October 15, 2012

Do You Not Know Who I am?

My name is Bond.....James...Bond....and that is song damn it!!!!


  1. Tried to make this in likeness of Daniel Craig and have a second drawing which I wont post because I don't like it. Meant to pain this too but just gave up cut the colour and posted it. Its not bad I like the idea though pretty funny!


    ps. does anyone know the size of Tomas post its perfect for this blog instead of posting x large image and having run behind the text boxes on the right. Help!!

  2. Hey! I checked Thomaz' post out. Pretty smart way to go about it too. When you're in the edit page, you click on the image to bring up the bar like usual. Select 'X-Large' size, and 'Right' orientation. You do NOT need to change what size you save it at. (I tried applying the changes to this post temporarily, and it works)

  3. thanks for taking my work that nice of you :)