Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getting an Education

Drunk from the night before she thought it a great idea to sleep in a sandbox
Oh what a morning for...everyone 
Just imagine what the kids are thinking.


  1. Liking this one. Simple hatching, lineart colour shift, and especially the colour job - the addition of the yellows really pop it.

    Appreciate your choice in using the gray as well. Leave it to you to find and ride that line haha.

    What's wrong with the kid in the middle though? He has a fml look about him.

  2. I meant to put in word bubbles did was lazy lol hes thinking noooo it wasn't supposed to happen like this Iam not ready lol!!

    Thank Dave always loving your critiques!

    I am having a lil trouble editing my post I don't know if its computer or the page thats stopping me. I had to try like 3 times to post this before it went through!!

    I forgot the title and have been trying for the past hour to edit the post but it doesn't work...Iam stumped lol!

  3. Ah, that's what I figured. That or women aren't his thing lol.

    Hmmmm. I've had the occasional hiccup too (100+ tabs will fuck stuff up). I know with lower ram available it has a hard time with uploading or publishing. As for editing, have you tried the pencil icon at the bottom of your post? That should take you back to the edit page. Chances are you have though. If you've exhausted your options, you could always tell me the title. I'd be happy to pop it up there.

  4. Hahah!! Turns out it was just the text certain characters are allowed so it fixed that and it works lol! Cheers bro!

    Will be posting again soon :)

  5. you guys need to stop posting like paragraph comments. LOL

    Great work Leon. Like the concept on this one. Wouldn't have thought of this at all. Like the post below as well. nice perspective.

    make sure that you like the ABB Facebook page too Leon if you haven't already. Added a header of yours on there.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. LOL! Sorry Steve Dave has no facebook so this is kind of an outlet LOL

    Thanks Steve :)