Monday, October 8, 2012


Yes.. I have indeed been watching way too much Black Dynamite lol!


  1. doesn't seem like Im getting any better at colouring fast lol. This didn't turn out bad though apart from some hick-ups again with the hands, also perspective, and kinda sloppy with the lines but hey still looks fresh!!

  2. Fuck man, you're just givin it! I freaking love that car. The shape choices in the front... just nice. The fins into the boxy bit. Yeah. Makes me wanna go do some layouty stuff.

    Liking the red plastic too! Is the shade a faint green? Can't tell, but it draws my eyes.

  3. Thanks Dave! :) Yea man more stuff to come. I wanna start doing some layouty stuff myself seen as I still don't know how to do it lol. The shade is actually a warm brown but when I painted over the red it came out green.

    I am still no good at clean lines man I am still so indecisive about my lines. Any tips on how to make my lines cleaner or do I just need to be more decisive.

  4. Hard question. I'm still trying to figure it out myself, so I dunno what to tell ya. For me anyway, the more I worry over it and the more time I spend, the crappier it gets. The more I try to get it 'right', the worse it looks. Right now, being tired and not giving a shit actually gets me way better results.

    Generally though, long strokes > small quick strokes. Better flow and it forces you to think more about where you want to place that line. If you can do a line in 10 sketchies, you could try to reduce it to one or two.

  5. why you put same post in all your blogs dude.??

    but no doubt nice work. For exam puzzles See hope you make it to a comic book soon.